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Eamonn Holmes Shares Photo with Ruth Ahead of Proposal: Behind-the-Scenes Look

Eamonn Holmes caused quite a stir among his fans with a mysterious mention of "Ruth" in the comments section of his recent Instagram selfie....

Liz Truss Considers TV U-turn to Regain Public Support Post-Election Setback

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss suffered a major setback when she lost her seat in South West Norfolk during the recent General Election. This...

Ava Plans to Expose Sonny’s Breakdown at General Hospital – Recap July 3

General Hospital (GH) had a lot of drama on Wednesday, July 3. Josslyn Jacks found out about a recording that the FBI used to...

Ben Affleck Defends ‘Resting Bitch Face’ on LA Coffee Run

Ben Affleck was seen once again sporting his infamous "resting bitch face" during a coffee run in Los Angeles. The 51-year-old actor, known for...

Royal Ascot Partygoers Cause Chaos with Street Celebrations

Royal Ascot is a prestigious racing event that attracts many high-profile attendees, including members of the Royal Family. The first day of the races...

Jason Duggar shares identity of new girlfriend just days after PDA pics

Jason Duggar Reveals New Girlfriend's Identity After PDA PicsJason Duggar recently made headlines after sharing photos of his new girlfriend on social media, breaking...

Pourquoi la comédienne Camille Chamoux se sent-elle en totale liberté au festival d’Anjou ?

Camille Chamoux Feels Total Freedom at the Festival d'AnjouCamille Chamoux, the talented actress, screenwriter, and director, is once again gracing the stage at the...


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