General Hospital (GH) had a lot of drama on Wednesday, July 3. Josslyn Jacks found out about a recording that the FBI used to force Jason Morgan to work for them. She urged Carly Spencer to fight for her freedom for the sake of Donna Corinthos. Meanwhile, Maxie Jones and her team at Deception stood by Blaze after Natalia Ramirez’s bigoted comments. Nina Reeves had to deal with Adrian DeWitt’s rogue actions and the revelation that Ava Jerome was behind the recording.

At home, Kristina Corinthos-Davis advised Blaze to ignore online comments and focus on herself. Sasha Gilmore Corbin offered her support and reassured Blaze that the scandal would blow over. Nina apologized for Adrian’s actions and revealed Ava’s involvement. In a tense confrontation, Ava denied any wrongdoing and faced accusations from Alexis Davis.

Meanwhile, Sonny Corinthos blamed Ava for the youth center fallout and vowed to make her life miserable. Alexis promised to go after Ava in court, but Sonny wanted to destroy her reputation. The tension between Sonny and Ava was escalating, leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

As the conflict between Sonny and Ava intensifies, General Hospital fans can expect more twists and turns in the coming episodes. Stay tuned for the latest updates and predictions on this gripping storyline. For all the hottest GH spoilers and news, keep following along with us at CDL.