Former Prime Minister Liz Truss suffered a major setback when she lost her seat in South West Norfolk during the recent General Election. This loss came as a surprise, especially considering that she previously held a significant majority of over 26,000 votes in the constituency.

Despite her previous statements that she would never consider appearing on reality TV shows, there is speculation that Liz Truss might change her mind following her election defeat. Betting experts are even offering odds of 20/1 that she will participate in the popular show “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.”

While Liz Truss has been adamant about not participating in reality TV in the past, losing her seat may open up new opportunities for her. The show has previously featured politicians like Nigel Farage and Matt Hancock, providing them with a platform to connect with the public.

It is worth noting that Liz Truss holds the record for being the shortest-serving Prime Minister in history, with a reign of only 49 days. During her time in office, she faced ridicule when a newspaper conducted an experiment comparing the longevity of an iceberg lettuce to her tenure, with the lettuce outlasting her time in office.

Despite her past reservations about reality TV, the possibility of seeing Liz Truss on “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here” has sparked interest and speculation among both fans and critics. Only time will tell if she decides to embrace this new opportunity and make a return to the public eye in a different capacity.