The Munich Allianz Arena shone on Thursday night for the first Time in years, in bright Blue. The reason for this is likely to surprise many.

Munich – Just motorists who drove on Thursday evening on the A9 or A99 at the Munich-based Allianz Arena, should have been surprised, because: The external façade of the stadium-lit after dusk for the first time in a Long Time in Blue.

This is likely to be become for many people in Munich, or Football fans in General, memories of past events, as the two Munich teams in the Allianz Arena. However, there is no return of the TSV 1860 in the old game. The reason for the blue color is different, and the only color was Blue facade of the stadium. FC Bayern want to continue with the action “a sign for Europe”.

Munich’s Allianz Arena in Blue and Gold

“on the Occasion of the Europe day on may 9. May will light up the outer façade of the Allianz Arena after dusk in the colors of the flag of the European Union“, – was stated on the Homepage of FC Bayern.

FC Bayern wants to “sign for Europe”

be The action even a part of a non-partisan campaign of the European Parliament and to help to mobilize the citizens “their vote in the European elections on may 26. May 2019“, was read. And the Allianz Arena saw the Gold and Blue:

A return, TSV 1860 München in the Allianz Arena was in any case already been with the termination of the lease in 2017, is contractually excluded.

angel of peace shines in Blue-Gold

for the same reason as in the case of the Allianz Arena is also the angel of peace shone in Blue and Gold. The light installation there was already a see on Wednesday.

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Yesterday? Even today, Europe day of the #angel of peace shines in a blue-and-yellow light composition – in the evening starting from 21 o’clock. The lighting designer Georg Veit and Florian Wagner lighting the 30-Meter-high monument to 0:30 p.m., on the European elections at the 26.5. . @thomasberger089 . . . #munich #Munich #Europe elections #Europe #bogenhausen #freedom #Munich daily #089 #lightshow

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