In this European village you will almost never need to heat yourself and you will constantly be walking around in shorts.

The hottest village in Europe is a Greek village that enjoys 320 days of sunshine a year and where everyone wants to settle down. This is a coastal village in Crete, more precisely in the district of Lasithi, which attracts tourists all year round: Mirtos, near the town of Ierapetra. Furthermore, this village is also nicknamed the Greek “Smurf village” because the houses are built of clay and straw.

Every day, accommodation owners receive thousands of calls from Europeans who want to spend the winter in Mirtos. These calls concern either European retirees or mainly young people who work remotely. The reason ? The incredible climate. Mirtos is the hottest place in Europe, with around 320 days of sunshine per year. In Mirtos, during the winter, you will almost never need to heat yourself and your wardrobe will be constantly spring-like: most days you will wear short sleeves and when it is really cold you will put on a small vest the evening.

Mirtos is also one of the most sheltered places in Crete due to its location. When the wind blows everywhere, the village remains calm. In addition, the village is known for being welcoming, clean and well maintained. Although it attracts visitors, it has retained a peaceful and traditional ambiance, with its whitewashed houses and winding streets. Its magnificent beach, with its pebbles and fine sand, is bordered by crystal clear waters, making every moment spent there idyllic.

The mild climate throughout the year makes the village even more attractive. Gourmets will delight in the authentic Cretan cuisine served in local taverns. Additionally, Mirtos is a great starting point for exploring places of interest in Crete, such as the Sarakina Gorge. Finally, the village is the scene of various cultural events, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in local life and traditions.

From France, to reach Mirtos near Ierapetra in Crete, it is advisable to take a flight to Heraklion or Chania, which are the main airports on the island. Once you arrive in Crete, you can rent a car or take a bus to Ierapetra. Once in Ierapetra, Mirtos is easily accessible, being a short distance south, either by car or local bus. By car, the distance is approximately 100 km and the journey usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. If you opt for public transport, it might take a little longer, especially if you have to wait or change buses in Ierapetra.