Transavia will very soon put many tickets on sale for winter 2024-2025. With first-served prices!

Attention, date to check in the calendar! This is the meeting place for forward-thinking travelers who like to plan their weekends and end-of-year stays to take advantage of the best prices. Every year, in the spring, Transavia puts promotional offers online to take advantage of attractive rates over the end of year period. But to take full advantage of it, it’s better to hurry up and find out when these discounted prices go on sale.

Generally, the low-cost airline of the Air France group sees the first tickets snapped up. Last year, Transavia opened its winter reservation period (period from November 2023 to April 2024) on April 26, 2023. Tickets for new destinations such as Cape Verde were then offered (from 89 euros ), Jordan or Senegal (from 189 euros). Alicante, Oslo and Venice were also renewed destinations.

This year, we bet on the date of April 24, 2024, given the previous sales made by the company with green seats. Bingo since, according to our information, our prediction turned out to be correct. A few days before the officialization of this sale, Transavia confirmed this information to us while reserving the details of the flights for the big day. However, we can already assure that the sale will begin at 10 a.m. French time this Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

What will happen to the prices charged at star winter destinations? They should remain extremely attractive, as suggested by a small comparison carried out online. For a departure to Rome from Paris, prices in October can drop to 59 euros, which gives a good base for winter prices. Also note that our Belgian friends can already take advantage of these offers and that we are seeing very attractive prices for Seville or Faro in Portugal, both from 49 euros.

Other popular destinations to cut through the winter gray are offered from 52 euros, such as Ibiza, Barcelona or Majorca, each time from Brussels. Also count call prices of less than 60 euros for Athens, Lisbon or Marrakech. So many elements of comparison to have in mind before the opening of sales from French airports. Transavia operates from Paris-Orly, Nantes, Lyon Saint-Exupéry, Montpellier, Brest, Biarritz, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulon and Toulouse.