This challenge is one of the most viral on the internet due to its complexity. Pay attention to solve it. Can you find the hidden dog in the picture?

In this internet-buzzing riddle, you can see a man’s face. However, this is a misleading image because a dog is hiding there. You’ll need to be very careful to find it in less than 11 seconds. This game ranks among the hardest and many people fail to find the dog. For what ? Without telling you too much, know that to solve this game, you will need to be able to see things differently…

Are you ready for today’s challenge? So take a stopwatch, like the one on your phone, and set it to 11 seconds. This is the time you will have to solve this puzzle. Then continue reading the article to find out the solution. You are ready ? Let’s go !

Before showing you the solution, let us know if you found the dog in the picture to compare your performance to that of our other readers. This will let you know if you are among the best:

To find the solution, all you had to do was turn your screen 180 degrees to flip the drawing. The dog then appears on the entire image. The difficulty of today’s game was based on the fact that we are often looking for a detail in the image whereas today, the whole image contained the dog. It was not necessary to isolate a detail but to shoot the whole image.

Visual games are a great way to exercise your brain for several reasons: