For several centuries, the concept of nightwear has been pretty simple. Both men and women used to put on long, wide cotton shirts to bed. In case someone wanted an alternative, housecoats that almost resembled a dressing gown were accessible.

It was with colonization that the West was able to discover the beauty of pajamas. At the time, these garments were like thin cotton-woven pants that were incredibly comfortable and loose. Coco Chanel popularized pajamas in the 1920s, taking it from loungewear to a fashion symbol.

Fast-forward 100 years, and the COVID-19 pandemic made pajamas a staple. Yes, the lines between loungewear and workwear blurred to the point that the hybrid model was deemed a necessity. Since then, it appears that this humble garment has become deeply ingrained in us.

For those who love pajamas, it’s important to own a few good pairs. In this article, we will discuss the three factors that men should consider before investing in ‘nightwear.’

Comfortable Pajamas Matter

To some men, nightwear would simply evoke the image of dull-looking gray sweats or boxers. To some others, even the idea of having to wear something to bed would seem odd. Studies have found that 17% of Americans prefer to sleep “unclothed.”

This may seem like a comfortable option, but it is more dangerous than good. For instance, sleeping in one’s ‘birthday suit’ can lower the body temperature too much and increase the risk of allergies. Moreover, it can be unhygienic because dead skin particles and sweat will drench the sheets.

Sleeping partially naked is another option for men, where they remain unclothed from the waist up. However, comfortable pajama sets can offer the sound sleep that one often craves.

Some of the most commonly experienced benefits include body temperature regulation, coziness and comfort, hygiene, and self-care. So yes, a good pair of pajamas matters!

Your Style Guide to Choosing the Right Pajamas

Though comfortable men’s pajamas indeed matter, you cannot feel the aforementioned benefits in just any pair. Certain factors will help you look put together not just for a relaxing night but also for the daytime if the need arises. Let’s look at three considerations to make before investing in a pair of pajamas.


Have you ever regretted wearing a pair of ill-fitted pajamas to bed? If the garment was too tight, you could barely toss and turn, and if it was too loose, the fabric just tangled around your limbs. Both are uncomfortable positions to be in.

So, do not neglect the fit of your pajamas. Just because they are loungewear does not mean you must settle for the wrong size. To get an accurate size for both the shirt or t-shirt and the bottoms, you must measure your chest, waist, hips, inside-leg area, and inseam length.

Then, decide the sleeve length—whether you want to keep it half, three-quarters, or full. Ensure you tally your measurements to the manufacturer’s size chart for maximum accuracy. If yours is an odd number, choose a larger size for comfort.


The next factor to consider while purchasing pajamas is their function. What we mean by this is to think about what that particular set will be used for. Even when it comes to nightwear, there can be options in terms of material and style.

For instance, a more casual look would include just a tee and some regular bottoms. Such pajamas are apt for spending the night alone at your apartment. If you have friends or family over, try elevating the look with silk fabric or a linen shirt and bottoms.

Similarly, summers will call for lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen. As for winter, LazyOne suggests investing in long johns, joggers, or flapjack onesies. They can be made of cotton flannel or wool.


Just like any other garment, you would want your pajama sets to last at least a few years. Their longevity will depend on the durability of the fabric, quality, and maintenance. For this, first shortlist some reputed brands and choose one that uses only high-quality fabrics.

Also, research more about their manufacturing practices. Brands that believe in ethical manufacturing practices will ensure each piece adheres to the same standards for fabric, fit, stitching, etc.

In summation, the global market for sleepwear is being driven by forces like consumer focus on comfort and the rise in online fashion. This means the lines between house clothes and other garments are going to remain blurred. Plus, more and more men may perhaps begin to understand the importance and comfort of high-quality sleepwear.

The three factors mentioned in this article should suffice when it comes to choosing the right pajamas. So, keep these in mind and stock up on some relaxing loungewear!