Goodbye parasol, this anti-UV invention only costs 40 euros at Decathlon and is selling more and more

The summer holidays are fast approaching and with them comes the eternal headache of sun protection on the beach. Should you opt for the classic parasol or be tempted by a brand new product? If the parasol remains a beach essential, it is clear that it suffers from numerous faults. Bulky, difficult to plant in the sand, not very stable in the event of wind, it struggles to completely convince holidaymakers looking for practicality and comfort… Not to mention that the space in the shade can be quite limited, forcing them to use several parasols when you come as a family! However, we have all experienced the hassle of transporting this bulky accessory to the beach.

This is where a product comes into play that is becoming more and more common on our beaches. It is becoming more popular and is now available at very affordable prices. Designed to offer optimal sun protection without the disadvantages of a parasol, it impresses with its ease of installation and comfort of use. In seconds, it unfolds and assembles, ready to shelter the whole family from the sun. This ingenious invention is the beach shelter! Behind its appearance as a small tent, it has already won over many families, but the range of models has expanded. For babies, children or an entire family, we now find them in all sizes.

Among the pioneers, we find a regular in small, easily unfoldable tents, Decathlon. After shaking up the market with its “Two seconds” tents, the firm has earned its benchmark status in beach shelters. One of its models promises to be one of the best-selling of the summer, the Iwiko 180. It has even already been announced as out of stock in several stores. With its width of 180 cm long, 110 cm high and 80 cm deep, it can comfortably accommodate up to three adults. Its exclusive opening system allows rapid deployment, while its light and compact structure facilitates transport. Enough to enjoy the beach in complete peace of mind, without being cluttered or angry when planting the pole of your parasol.

The major advantage of this shelter compared to a classic parasol lies above all in its ability to filter UV rays. Thanks to its UPF 50 component, it blocks at least 98% of UVB and 95% of UVA, thus offering reinforced sun protection. This is a strong argument as skin cancer remains one of the most widespread cancers in France. Be careful though, although the shelter allows you to protect yourself effectively, it does not exempt you from following essential actions: wearing sunglasses and covering clothing, but also regular application of sunscreen remains recommended. .

In terms of price, the IWIKO 180 beach shelter is affordable with a price displayed online of 40 euros at Decathlon. Resistant to winds of up to 30 km/h thanks to its fixing stakes and sand pockets, it promises to accompany you for many summers… and to store the good old parasol at the back of the garage?