This sight is really creepy. Photos from the US of a mysterious Fund in a garden made on the Internet caused a sensation.

Titusville – A mysterious carcass was discovered by a woman in her back garden in the U.S. state of Florida. After Kelly Garrahan had digested the first shock, about this gruesome discovery, she presented photos of the mysterious creature into the net.

“I found This in my garden… has anyone ever seen anything like it or know what it could be?” Kelly wrote to the frightening photos on Facebook.

USA: Mysterious Fund in the garden – what is a carcass?

This mysterious creature quickly drew heavy discussions in the Internet. “It’s a Monster-lizard”, it was assumed that the User immediately. Another believed that it could be the uncanny being a dog or a monkey. Some Facebook users joked that it could be a “dry Alien” or “dried meat” or is it “a sign that it was time to move”.

The putrid animal was, according to Kelly’s description, almost a Meter long, with a large snout, claws, and a thick cock. A conclusive answer Kelly hoped to then by a local news channel “Click Orlando”.

At the end of the environmental authority Kelly give an answer to the uncanny nature. According to one expert, it should be in the dead animal is a Opossum.

+ The cross-eyed Opossum Heidi in 2010 in the Leipzig Zoo was famous. ┬ępicture alliance / dpa / Hendrik Schmidt

dead animal on images from the US was, apparently, a possum

At the end of Kelly announced the Know via Facebook. The Possum is a marsupial and nocturnal. Possums are considered to be very clean. The Possum can’t move particularly quickly. An attacker is approaching, the animal curls up, sticks out the tongue and remains with open eyes, motionless, to learn how on the WWF website. On top of that, it gives off a putrid odor.

More about the species in the

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