In the project Bründl Park in the North Puchheims movement. Landscape architecture students have taken the Area under the magnifying glass.

Puchheim – to develop concepts, such as the terrain, the community Foundation was bequeathed for the district, can be used. Real estate sharks are expected to converge at the site, the water in the mouth. Well 5000 square meters, located in Puchheim, between Sandberg and the Munich street – a filet plot. Only the many large old trees are likely to disturb you. But this is hypothetical. Because estate agents or property developers will get the Area never in the fingers. For Tamara Bründl. The from Puchheim-based photographer, has donated the land for the community Foundation for the County – with the support to make it a accessible to all Park.

student competition on the future of the Park

This is now started. In the context of a student competition to budding landscape architects, the Technical University (TU) in Munich have studied the terrain. They should develop ideas on how the Bründl-Park could look like. It is not a simple task, the students have made. Because the community Foundation has high demands. Creative and attractive a Park for all, for man and animal should be the concept. So it has wanted Tamara Bründl.

The students are impressed with the Area – especially Xiaozhen Li. The 26-Year-old comes from China. In your home, it will not give such land. “This is a great Park,” she says. The many impressions have to let you go but only once. It’s nice to see Vera Wesinger and your fellow student Britta Bunz. The students meet in the Area with great respect. “Due to its history,” say the two. For ideas on what you could make of it, but it was still too early.

100 year old lime tree

On this day, the students leave the premises. They swarm in, discuss and photograph. Admiration gets in front of all the over 100-year-old Linde. Christine Rupp-Stoppel observed the Goings-on with a Smile on his face. The landscape architect advises the community Foundation on a volunteer basis. “This plot of land is a great gift,” she says. Therefore, it makes sense, multiple opinions. “We want a diversity of approaches.”

Stock portfolio with 1.5 million Euro

Up to and from the site between Sandberg and Munich street is a Park for all from Puchheim, Germany, it will still take a bit. As a patron, Tamara Bründl has given an elderly couple a right of residence for life in one of the buildings on the Site. And this is not, of course, shaken.

financing for the project will fail. Because Tamara Bründl has left the citizens Foundation, along with the property there is also a Stock portfolio worth around 1.5 million euros. Even if it takes until the Park is realized the first ideas is to give it in the next few weeks. By the end of June, the students have time to work on your concepts. A Jury is the judge of that. The results are then presented in an exhibition open to the Public.