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on Thursday warned the government that several countries are “red”.

as of midnight, in a ten day quarantine if you come from France, Czech republic, Switzerland or Monaco.

There are several aircraft that are in danger to miss it. Among other things, to a SAS-flight from Nice in France to land at Gardermoen airport at 00.10, ten minutes after that karanteneplikten turn into.

Introduces the zones on the Sørenga

Pressevakt in SAS, Tonje Sund, is it clear that they intend to follow the original plan.

We follow the basically tidtabellen, and now is scheduled landingstid 00.10, says Rent to the Newspaper.

She has the understanding that the government must set a limit for when karanteneplikten to turn into.

– We will respect the authorities ‘ advice and guidance, and they need to set a limit. There we understand and we respect, ” says Sund.

It can be

Even if the aircraft scheduled to land ten minutes after midnight, so it may arrive early enough to allow passengers to release the quarantine.

– It is not uncommon to land before the time of the day, it hangs among other things, along with less traffic in the european airspace. If, in addition, favorable wind conditions, so it can happen, ” says Sund.

– Still we have a timetable and a standardized process we follow, among other things, to guarantee the security, so we provide no guarantees for the aircraft to arrive before midnight, ” says Sund.

Turn On the LydErrorAllerede plus customer? Log into herError FIGHT: There was a fight on board a KLM plane on the way to Ibiza, when two of the passengers refused to wear a face mask. Reporter: Christian Wehus. Video: @michighclub Show more Respect the advice

English has a flight from Paris scheduled to land a half-hour before midnight.

I have not checked the specific aircraft, but we have a schedule, as we strive to keep, ” says pressevakt Andreas Hjørnholm in Norwegian to the Newspaper.

we always are, and we do this time also, ” says Hjørnholm.

– Contrary to the recommendations Increased infection in France

France is now red because they are constantly experiencing increasing infection rates.

on Wednesday registered the authorities 1695 new infections. Since march, the country has had over 30 000 coronarelaterte deaths.

In France, Switzerland and the Czech republic have it the last 14 days has been between 22 and 28 new cases per 100 000 inhabitants, in Monaco, is the number 36, wrote FHI in a press release Thursday.

In addition, the Swedish regions of Uppsala, Södermanland, Dalarna and Västerbotten “green”, while Kronoberg and Skåne was “red”.

– Looks uncomfortable out

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