Following a classic of English literature, this Australian series available on Disney has everything to appeal to subscribers.

A new adventure series can be streamed this week. It is on the Disney platform that you have to go since Wednesday January 17 to see the first episodes of The Fox: Prince of Thieves, which had already won over Internet users who had discovered it before its release in France. The new Australian series from Disney is the (invented) sequel to Oliver Twist, a novel by Charles Dickens that has become one of the great classics of English literature. It focuses more specifically on the character of Jack Dawkins, nicknamed “the Fox”, a young pickpocket leader of old Fagin’s gang of thieves, who takes Oliver Twist under his wing upon his arrival in London.

In The Fox: Prince of Thieves, we discover what became of this character several years later. He is now an adult and lives in Australia in the 1950s. While working as a surgeon, his reunion with Fagin takes him back into the world of crime.

This new series in eight episodes of approximately one hour therefore offers Disney subscribers to discover intrigues combining heists, surgical operations, betrayal, redemption, but also a romantic intrigue between the protagonist and the governor’s daughter who wishes to become the first woman surgeon of the Australian colony.

In the casting, we recognize Thomas Brodie-Sangster in the leading role. This 33-year-old British actor made his name as a child (Love Actually, Nanny McPhee) before cutting his teeth in the dystopian teen saga The Labyrinth and the series The Lady’s Game. He stars opposite David Thewlis (Remus Lupine in Harry Potter) and Maia Mitchell, seen in The Fosters or Good Trouble.

Released on November 29, 2023, The Fox: Prince of Thieves charmed the first Internet users who viewed it before it was put online on Disney. Paris-Match welcomes an “irresistible saga” carried by the “excellent” Thomas Brodie-Sangster and an “entertainment with biting humor”, daring the comparison with Pirates of the Caribbean.

On Allociné, we found some spectator reviews which gave it a rating of 3.7/5. Spectators who had already seen it praised “a very likeable series with endearing characters” but also an “entertaining”, “well thought out and well put together” program.

This series of adventures full of surprises can now be discovered on Disney, with a subscription to the streaming platform.