This new film inspired by true events goes behind the scenes of a BBC television interview and a recent scandal affecting a member of the British royal family.

After The Crown or the documentary series dedicated to Harry and Meghan, the British royal family continues to inspire Netflix productions. This week, it is possible to discover a film which looks back on one of the biggest recent scandals experienced by one of Elizabeth II’s close friends. Between the thriller and the drama, this is a film not to be missed on the streaming platform.

In Scoop, Netflix subscribers can go behind the scenes of the painstaking journalistic work that ultimately led to a memorable interview with Prince Andrew, third child of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, after the latter had just been accused to be involved in the Epstein affair. In detail, one of the victims of the billionaire who committed suicide in 2019, before being judged in this huge child-criminal case, says he was “offered” to Prince Andrew in the 1990s, which he demented.

The interview took place on November 16, 2019 on the BBC’s Newsnight. This is one of the biggest recent scandals experienced by Buckingham Palace, which has deeply damaged the image of the royal family and Prince Andrew in particular. Since his name came out in the Epstein affair, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband has not only withdrawn from his public engagements, but also lost his military titles and royal highness designation.

After six months of negotiations and tensions within the royal family, Prince Andrew was finally interviewed by Emily Maitlis and lastingly damaged his image by delivering a pitiful performance. More than the interview itself, what goes behind the scenes to obtain it and the many negotiations that led to this memorable moment in the history of recent British royalty will be dissected in the Netflix film, directed by Philip Martin (The Forger) and written by Peter Moffat (The Village, Silk, Criminal Justice, Your Honor…).

And to serve this intrigue, Netflix chose actors well known to the public to star in Scoop. Rufus Sewell (The Diplomat, The Holiday, Knight…) plays Prince Andrew opposite Gillian Anderson (X-Files, Margaret Thatcher in The Crown) in the role of journalist Emily Maitlis. Gravitating around them are the actors Billie Piper (Doctor Who), Connor Swindells (Sex Education), Romola Garai (Emma, ​​One Day) and Keeley Hawes (Bodyguard). The film Scoop is released on Netflix on April 5, 2024.