“Oppenheimer” won the Oscar for Best Film this Sunday, March 10, 2024. Big winner of the year, we explain where and when to see Christopher Nolan’s feature film in France.

Unsurprisingly, Oppenheimer established himself as the big winner of the 96th Academy Awards. The film about the creation of the atomic bomb directed by Christopher Nolan won no less than 7 awards, including Best Film, this Sunday March 10. The Academy also awarded him statuettes for Best Direction, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Original Music.

Oppenheimer concludes his awards season with flying colors after receiving numerous awards, including 5 Golden Globes, 7 BAFTAs, and 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards. By telling the story of the father of the atomic bomb Robert Oppenheimer by alternating three different temporalities, this film has managed to conquer critics, the profession but also the public.

In the casting, Christopher Nolan surrounded himself with real Hollywood stars. Often relegated to supporting roles in the director’s films (Batman Begins, Inception), Cillian Murphy plays the title role here. He stars alongside Robert Downey Jr (Lewis Strauss), Emily Blunt (Kitty Oppenheimer), Florence Pugh (Jean Tatlock), Matt Damon (Leslie Groves) and Josh Hartnett (Ernest Lawrence).

But if you weren’t able to see Oppenheimer when it was released in theaters last summer, don’t panic: it’s possible to discover it in France very soon. The film will be broadcast on television on March 22, on the Canal encrypted stage. You will need a subscription to the channel to be able to view it.

In streaming, the feature film is put online on Canal’s subscription platform, MyCanal, on March 22, 2024. If you can’t wait before then, know that Christopher Nolan’s film is available for purchase and rental on most VOD sites.