Netflix has released a new romantic series online to watch in just a few hours, not to be missed for fans of the genre. This one makes subscribers burst into tears!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, what’s better than curling up with a beautiful romance? Whether you’re in a relationship or single, Netflix has released a heartbreaking British mini-series to devour in just 7 hours, about a thwarted romance through the years. Since its release online on February 8, 2024, it has been a hit in France and is in first position among the most viewed programs on the streaming platform.

Adapted from the novel by David Nicholls, One Day looks back at two star-crossed lovers, whose obvious romance is undermined over the years. On July 15, 1988 in Edinburgh, two students, Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, met for the first time. They miss the moment to become a couple but still decide to remain friends. For twenty years, we find out where they are every July 15. They love each other, they hate each other, they miss each other… But when will they discover that they are meant to be together?

The series One Day features two faces little known to the general public to play the two heroes of this thwarted romance: Leo Woodall, who appeared in the series Citadel and season 2 of The White Lotus, plays Dexter opposite Ambika Mod, seen in This is going to hurt. They also star alongside Essie Davis (Miss Fisher investigates, Milla), Amber Grappy (Wreck, The Baby), Eleanor Tomlinson (Poldark), Jonny Weldom (The people we hate at the wedding), and Tim McInnerny (Sherlock, The Snake…).

Before becoming a series, One Day was a film released in 2011. The public was shocked by the interpretations of Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in the cursed couple. The original novel, written by David Nicholls, had been published three years previously. The British novelist seduced readers with his English love story, which also offers a comedy of manners with offbeat humor. In parallel with his writing career, he wrote the screenplays for several films and series, including Great Expectations (2012) and the television series I Saw You.

Get your tissues ready because this series is a real emotional elevator! On But thanks to the alchemy between its two main actors and this story which follows two lives in parallel over several years, the series One Day transports Netflix subscribers over 14 episodes, each lasting around half an hour. In total, it can be binge-watched in just seven hours, ideal for a weekend where you have little planned.