Present at the Césars in 2015, Kristen Stewart did not go unnoticed during the French cinema awards evening.

Every year, it’s the same story: the César ceremony, which rewards the best French cinema of the year, can be long and tedious for viewers. But also for the people in the audience! Because it’s not easy to stay focused for more than four hours. Kristen Stewart experienced this and created discomfort that did not go unnoticed in 2015.

The American actress was nominated in the César category for Best Actress for her role in Sils Maria. She therefore made the trip to attend the French awards evening. But during the evening, several Internet users had fun at the expense of the actress, who visibly seemed bored, her face often closed and her eyes staring into space for a large part of the ceremony.

Kristen Stewart later had to explain it in an interview on Conan O’Brien’s show, and explained that a technical problem was the cause of this discomfort: “It was very long, it must have lasted 4 30 hours. And there aren’t as many pubs as back home, so we couldn’t really take a break to chat, go to the toilet and have a drink […] I had a little headset, but only for thirty minutes, then it stopped working. I didn’t even realize when my category arrived that it was mine! Basically, I had fallen asleep, but with my eyes open.”

The rest of the evening was not a smooth ride for Kristen Stewart. Finally, the American actress won the César for best supporting actress, again for the film Sils Maria. When she goes on stage to collect the statuette and make her speech, she trembles so much that she asks JoeyStarr, handing it over, to put the prize on the lectern so that she doesn’t drop it. This obviously did not please the rapper and actor, who violently placed the reward, making the actress jump.

JoeyStarr later explained it to Technikart: “I find myself there doing a job as a hostess. I’ve never worked at the Lingerie Show. And the chick, I’m coming for him put her thing back and she says: ‘No put it on the table, my hands are sweaty’. While I have this thing in my hands, I have a palette of options that appear. Either I let go, but it falls on my feet, or I put it back on the table. Which I did.”

The 49th César ceremony will unveil its entire prize list and its winning personalities this Friday, February 23, 2024 at the Olympia. The evening is broadcast, as every year, live and unencrypted on Canal, from 8:50 p.m. It will then be available for replay on the MyCanal website.