Released in theaters on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, “Iron Claw” returns to the tragic true story of the Von Erich family, and in particular that of wrestler Kevin Von Erich.

Among the cinema releases on Wednesday January 24, 2024, spectators will be able to immerse themselves in a true American tragedy. Iron Claw is available in theaters. This film starring Zac Effron and Jeremy Allen White (Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Comedy for The Bear in 2024) looks back on the Von Erich dynasty, a family that enjoyed glory in the world of wrestling from the 1960s , until experiencing many tragedies.

The film is therefore inspired by the true story of wrestler Kevin Von Erich, the only surviving son of this family sometimes considered “cursed”. And yet, they had everything to experience the American dream. The patriarch, Jack Adkisson, is a former American footballer converted to wrestling. From 1958 he created a character, that of Fritz von Erich, who became a wrestling star in Texas and around the world. He will even be nicknamed “Tetsu nu Tsume” in Japan, which can be translated as “Iron Claw” in English.

Fritz von Erich and his wife, Doris, had six sons. The first, Jack, died of accidental electrocution at the age of 7, in 1959. The other three, Kevin, David and Kerry, in turn became professional wrestlers and experienced dazzling success in the 1980s, while their father retired. The last two, Mike and Chris, will also try to get started but will not experience the same success as their elders.

Today, there is only one member of the Von Eirich family still alive, the others having died in circumstances that we will not reveal to you so as not to spoil the viewing experience. Played by Zac Effron on screen, he is still married to his wife and will have had four children and many grandchildren. He now lives in Hawaii, where he ran a family investment business with his wife.

Iron Claw returns to the tragic fate of this family, starting this Wednesday, January 24 at the cinema.