The film “De son vivant”, with Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Magimel, is broadcast on France 2 this Sunday February 11. The actress had crazy luck during filming.

This Sunday, February 11, 2024, viewers can discover the film De son vivant on France 2. In this drama directed by Emmanuelle Bercot, Catherine Deneuve plays the mother of a man dying in hospital from a serious illness, played by Benoît Magimel. And yet, on set in November 2019, it was the actress who gave her fans and the team a big scare!

The actress had in fact suffered a stroke during the filming of the film. She suffered more specifically from an ischemic stroke, caused by insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain, generally due to a clot. In the absence of rapid treatment, the consequences can be dramatic.

But Catherine Deneuve had incredible luck: the French actress was filming her scenes in the hospital when her stroke occurred. The actress was therefore able to be treated very quickly by doctors. “Being urgently hospitalized, on the very location of your filming, that has never happened to anyone. It’s absolutely incredible,” Catherine Deneuve told Elle magazine in 2021.

Doctors quickly discovered that Catherine Deneuve was the victim of a “very limited, and therefore reversible” stroke, which had “not affected the brain”, her family announced in 2019. From now on, Catherine Deneuve is doing much better. “I had a very slight distress and then there it was,” she remembered on the set of Quotidien, in November 2021. “I was extremely lucky, it was something that was ultimately quite light, with painful consequences, but quite light.”

Catherine Deneuve has in fact been able to return to the plateau since, after rehabilitation and several months of convalescence. More fear than harm for fans of the French actress, who can watch her moving performance on France 2.