A new completely free streaming offer is arriving in France at the start of 2024. We detail this new offer and the programs associated with it.

A new streaming player is arriving in France at the start of 2024. And good news if you want to be entertained at a low price, since this new platform promises to be completely free for its subscribers. This new offering will include 200 films, 200 TV films, 200 series in full and many renowned entertainment shows (Koh Lanta, The Voice, Star Academy, etc.), which will remain online for a minimum of 30 days and up to 48 months. .

In detail, it will be possible, among other things, to find several French series, such as HPI or Sam, but also foreign series such as the Vampire Diaries. Exclusive content will also be offered to subscribers on several programs, such as Star Academy, Quotidien or Plus belle la vie, which marks its return to the front page on the same date as the launch of this new platform.

This new streaming offer is obviously TF1, which was announced in a TF1 press release not long ago. It will be possible to subscribe to this new service from this Monday, January 8, 2024. The platform will offer access to all the content from the first channel. But there will also be something for the youngest, who will be able to (re)see Miraculous, Naruto or even Paw Patrol.

An exclusive information offer, Top Info, will also be launched for the occasion, as will channels with very specific themes (romantic comedies, thrillers, humor, mangas, etc.). TF1 also promises “unprecedented innovations”: tailor-made real-time summaries of sporting events, as well as a content recommendation engine allowing multiple viewings. Something for everyone.

Available on 4 screens, Smart TVs and on boxes (Orange, Bouygues and SFR from March), TF1 is therefore accessible for free. On the other hand, users will have to accept, as on television, advertising cuts. At the same time, a premium offer will be available: for 5.99 euros per month (or 59.99 euros per year), it is possible to benefit from the content of the platform without advertising breaks.

TF1 is not the only free streaming platform in France. The France Télévision group (arancetv) and Arte (arte.tv) each offer streaming viewing of programs that are broadcast on the air, free of charge. This includes original shows, series and TV films, but also feature films broadcast on their channels for an evening. Rakuten TV, but also Molotov or Pluto TV, offer free viewing, although with a more limited catalog.