How about some good ice cream? In this image, one of the ice creams is different from the others. Try to flush it out.

During the heat wave, the oppressive heat pushes people to seek refreshment. Ice creams, by melting, provide an immediate feeling of freshness to the mouth and stomach. Rich in water, they help hydration. Moreover, the sensory pleasure they offer, combined with their variety of flavors, makes them irresistible.

So how about some ice cream? For this viral challenge, you will have to pay a lot of attention to be able to solve this visual puzzle that very few have managed to dominate. In the image below, there are many ice creams. But one is different from the others and your mission is to flush it out. We will help you: to better see the details, it is recommended to display the image in large. To do this, just click on it. Ready ? Let’s go.

This challenge was difficult because several elements must be compared simultaneously. The color of the balls, the number of these same balls and of course, the cut: its color, its shape and its pattern. Did you find ? If you haven’t yet, we give you a hint: the different ice cream from the others is distinguished by the pattern of its cut. Always not ? So let’s get to the solution.

On social networks, different visual challenges are becoming very popular, representing a real challenge for the minds and ingenuity of people who compete to find the solution. These challenges, often based on optical illusions, puzzles or riddles, engage participants in critical and creative thinking. Interactivity and the ability to instantly share results encourage massive participation. Additionally, the viral nature of social media allows these challenges to spread quickly, attracting people of all ages and backgrounds. These games not only stimulate thinking, but also reinforce the feeling of belonging to a community, while offering a playful moment. Pride in solving a particularly tough challenge, combined with recognition from peers, motivates many to engage even more in these activities.