This amazing optical illusion can test if you have perfect vision.

This tricky riddle challenges you to spot the dog in the living room in less than ten seconds. The colorful image shows a man standing in a busy living room, anxiously searching for his dog as he is ready to take it for a walk. Can you help her find it?

The clever pooch has decided to hide somewhere in the room. Pay close attention because the living room is full of details – sofas, a filled coffee table, plants, toys and a fireplace. The living room walls are also loaded in this optical illusion.

The challenge is to find the dog as quickly as possible – ideally within ten seconds. A helpful tip is to look for designs that might look like a dog. Another tip: click on the image so that it automatically enlarges to better see the details. You are ready ? Let’s go.

Did you find ? If so, congratulations, you are one of those with the best vision. If not, here’s one last hint: try looking for the pooch’s distinguishing features like his ears or his face. If you’re still having trouble spotting the puppy, you can find the solution below.

The dog managed to camouflage itself in the carpet. Optical illusion challenges stimulate the brain, improve concentration and provide a fun distraction. They arouse curiosity by playing with our visual perception and encourage detailed observation, while providing satisfaction during resolution.