Do you have 20 seconds to prove you’re a great detective?

How many optical illusions have you come across on the internet? Very common, they are very popular on social networks, especially when they offer a challenge that captures all the attention of Internet users. This is the case with today’s visual puzzle, where you have to find all 3 bottles without corks in less than 20 seconds. So, do you think you have the necessary skills? Test yourself below.

Above all, it is good to know that, as with other puzzles, the time to solve this challenge is limited. However, for some, it may seem quite simple, as they are able to solve it in less than 20 seconds.

Either way, everyone needs a quiet place free from distractions. So, take the right moment to observe the illustration below, let’s go!

Have you tried the test and failed to solve it? Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of people. Few people have enough fine-tuned observation skills to spot the three bottles quickly. That said, you can always keep looking for them. This engages various areas of your brain, including those involved in logical reasoning and memory. In the end, even if you can’t find it, you benefit from the advantages that these tests offer. If you still want to know the answer, here it is.

With a little patience you can notice that the upper part of these bottles is slightly different, even if the illusion makes us lose sight of them among all the elements. Check out each of them highlighted above: See? With the answer in front of you, it may not seem so complicated. But in reality, each of these elements is designed to trick our brains. It’s the kind of challenge that takes time and practice to become easier to solve.