According to this flight attendant, certain little habits of airplane passengers with their headphones are very dangerous and should be banned.

Flight attendants and aircraft staff are used to the sometimes inappropriate behavior of certain users. The latter sometimes tend to do as they please, despite safety rules and even basic common sense. However, according to this flight attendant interviewed by the British site The Sun, the only simple question to ask is: to differentiate between questions of life and death.

This professional explains why everyone, on a plane, at any time of the flight, should pay the greatest attention to the cabin crew and their instructions. “I’m going to explain how just taking five minutes at the start of your flight can really help you survive an emergency. First of all, when I say this is something you can do, you don’t even have to “You don’t really have to ‘do’ anything. You just have to sit there, like you would anyway, and we’ll do the rest,” says the flight attendant.

It is indeed in the first minutes of each flight that the aircraft staff explain to passengers the safety devices of the aircraft, the instructions to follow, the emergency exits and the behavior to adopt in the event of a problem and in emergency situations. “The problem is that no one looks at it – and that annoys us all a lot,” says the professional. “First of all, we feel stupid doing our little performances for you in the aisles when no one is watching, but more importantly, if something goes wrong, we know we’re going to lose the battle.”

For her, the problem is simple: if we don’t look at the instructions, hundreds of people will not know what to do in the event of a problem. Needless to say, in the event of an emergency situation, it is not the three people who were attentive who will explain the instructions to you. Also, this flight attendant gets annoyed by some distractions that could easily be countered: “If it were up to me, headphones would be banned until the seat belt signal is turned off. That’s the part “the most dangerous part of the flight and it would really help if everyone was more vigilant at that time,” she explains, emphasizing the hostility that such a measure could arouse, which would nevertheless, in her opinion, be very useful .

And offered advice: “Please just be careful for the few moments the staff are demonstrating and follow the instructions if necessary, it’s really not difficult but it could save your life and the lives of others .”