Want wide open spaces, calm and disconnection? This is the perfect place!

Are you tired of noise, pollution, the world, or even civilization? Would you like to take a break from everything to refocus on yourself? Imagine yourself on a private island, far from everything, with your feet in the Atlantic Ocean, away from the tumult of modern civilization. We take you to Norway, not far from a village called Vikan located in the county of Møre og Romsdalun in the west of the country. A picturesque gem, offering a peaceful, no-fuss and authentic getaway for nature and adventure lovers. And calm.

On this isolated island, the owners of the place offer for rent a charming cabin for two people, equipped with basic necessities. As for activities, “you can catch fish, see eagles and sea otters, admire the endless sunset and be directly in nature without being disturbed by the modern world,” write the owners in their ad, available on Airbnb.

A small rowing boat is even at your disposal to explore the surrounding crystal clear waters. But be prepared to completely disconnect: the cabin is a real homecoming. No running water, no wifi or electricity, just you and nature. And to complete the rustic experience, you will also have to make do with outdoor toilets!

The cabin is ideally located along the Atlantic Road, one of the most touristy in Norway and recognized as a cultural heritage site in the country, making it a perfect stopover for travelers seeking authenticity. Whether you choose to stay one night or more, the island of Vikan and its surroundings are full of natural treasures to discover. The surrounding mountains offer hiking opportunities, while its waters invite maritime exploration, underline the authors of the rental ad.

If two people aren’t enough for you, bring your tent and share this peaceful haven with friends or loved ones, as the owners allow. So, if you are ready to venture off the beaten track and into a totally secluded and peaceful bubble, disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with nature, this experience on Vikan Island is totally for you and your adventurous soul in the lands of the famous Vikings.