If you want to avoid the crowds, here are the perfect destinations in Europe away from the crowds.

In the era of social networks and mass tourism, when we fear the world, planning your vacation turns out to be a real headache. In Europe, certain destinations attract millions of tourists each year, making life there almost impossible. Some regions, such as the Canary Islands, are even considering solutions to stem this phenomenon, feared by tourists and locals alike.

The famous Forbes magazine studied the tourism figures for 2023 and compared them to reservations already made for summer 2024, establishing the destinations to avoid if you fear mass tourism. For those looking to escape the crowds, the key is to look to less crowded destinations, where mass tourism has yet to establish its hold. Here are five European destinations that offer a respite from the usual tourist hustle and bustle:

The first two countries featured by Forbes magazine are Lithuania and Latvia. From Vilnius to Riga, explore two Baltic gems, a perfect blend of rural traditions and history, and explore scenic trails in the Trakai, Curonian Spit, Žemaitija, Gauja and Kemeri national parks . With visits to castles, historic palaces and even a local market guided by a Latvian chef, this experience will immerse you in the heart of local culture.

Let’s continue our tour of European destinations where you can be far from the crowds with Albania. Between majestic mountains and white sand beaches along the Adriatic coast, Albania is a true hidden gem of Europe, far from the beaten track. Its cultural richness and fascinating history are illustrated in its ancient cities, its ancient remains and its preserved architectural heritage. For the more or less sporty, it is advisable to explore the many little-known mountain trails, tasting the local cuisine along the way. Without forgetting one of the last wild rivers in Europe, the Vjosa.

Third destination in our ranking: the hidden villages of northern Greece. Avoid the crowds of the Greek islands by exploring a more traditional side, in Zagoria, where stone villages overlook the majestic Vikos Chasm. Explore the monasteries of Meteora, dating from the 13th century, or the famous Mount Olympus.

Now heading to Poland and Slovakia. Explore the national parks of these two magnificent countries, cross the Tatra Mountains, hike the Pieniny ranges and discover the Lesser Poland region. A trip offering total immersion in the preserved natural landscapes of Eastern Europe, far from the crowds!

Last destination on our tour of destinations far from mass tourism, Transylvania! From Bucharest to the Carpathian Mountains, passing through the painted monasteries of Bucovina and the medieval villages of Transylvania, this journey will transport you through the centuries. Discover the legends of Dracula in Bran and soak up the medieval atmosphere of Brașov. A journey between history and nature!