Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world, will be hiring. Salaries start at 3500 euros per month and can reach up to 6500 euros. The sectors in which Switzerland is recruiting have also been revealed.

As Switzerland has struggled to find skilled workers since 2020, the country has decided to hire 85,000 workers from abroad. The country announced that it will hire mainly in the health, tourism and hospitality sectors, as well as technicians, IT specialists and engineers.

Swiss authorities believe that refugees fleeing the war between Russia and Ukraine cannot fill this shortage of workers. Currently, Switzerland has a deficit of 85,000 skilled workers. This figure could reach 365,000 by the end of the year. So how to get to Switzerland? It is recommended to apply directly to Swiss-based recruitment agencies such as Adecco to find suitable employment.

The most in-demand professions include doctors, skilled workers, drivers, IT professionals, teachers, engineers, catering and hospitality professionals, digital experts, specialist salespeople and domestic workers. For example, one in four doctors in Switzerland is over 60, increasing the demand for new professionals. Positions in digital professions are also very popular due to the rapid evolution of technology. For multilingual candidates, the multicultural nature of Switzerland is an asset, as it has four official languages.

It is possible to work in Switzerland while residing in France. This confers “border” status. This status is made possible thanks to bilateral agreements between France and Switzerland, allowing the issuance of a work permit, the G permit. Cross-border workers need the G permit and benefit from a specific status regarding health insurance , family allowances, retirement and unemployment insurance. Tax rules vary depending on the canton and the time spent in France or Switzerland. In general, Swiss taxes are lower than French ones. The benefits of the status include a high Swiss salary, maintaining the French cost of living and different working conditions.

Working in Switzerland as a French person requires several skills and qualities. Fluency in German, Italian or Swiss German may be required depending on region. A thorough understanding of the cultural and professional differences between France and Switzerland is essential. The Swiss value punctuality, precision and autonomy. The recognition of French diplomas may require procedures. Finally, adaptability, open-mindedness and the desire to integrate into Swiss society are all key skills for success in Switzerland.