A slimming effect is demonstrated by this researcher by consuming certain specific foods.

While the new weight loss treatments Wegovy or Ozempic are gaining popularity, many are unaware that we can naturally produce the hormone that promotes weight loss. This is according to Anette Sams, a drug researcher at the University of Copenhagen with a doctorate in metabolism and cardiovascular diseases.

This explains that new treatments against obesity contain the intestinal hormone GLP-1. In our body, this increases insulin production and reduces appetite and food intake. But the researcher explains that the body can actually produce this hormone itself. It is simply secreted as part of digestion, when we eat normally.

“We are missing something essential in our quest to lose weight. You just need to eat the right foods. The message I want to convey is that there are certain foods that increase the production of these hormones, so that others do not have this effect” affirmed the researcher in “Go’ morgen Danmark”.

Foods like kale, pointed cabbage and other vegetables are good to eat because they tax the digestive system, according to Anette Sams. They require the help of our gut bacteria, which trigger the production of the gut hormone GLP-1. This is partly why these foods have a weight loss effect.

The opposite is true for foods like white bread, croissants and breakfast cereals, which are ultra-processed foods. They actually don’t need gut bacteria to be broken down into nutrients. In these types of foods, the nutrients are already released and are absorbed immediately, explains Anette Sams.

Here is a list of foods that Anette Sams mentions as being among the vegetables that have good properties to stimulate hormone production:

The researcher, however, provides an important clarification: weight loss treatments like Ozempic or Wegovy contain a much higher level of weight loss hormones than we can produce ourselves. No matter how much cabbage you eat, you won’t reach this level. Therefore, it cannot be said that good foods have the same effect. A person with significant obesity will not be able to regain their figure just by eating foods that help produce the hormone and will need to be monitored. But a person who is simply overweight will notice a real slimming effect.