Can you find the odd one out among all these “72” numbers? This is the challenge to take on in this little optical illusion game.

Your last visit to the ophthalmologist was child’s play, you think you have good eyes but do you have good observation and concentration skills? Not so sure… It’s time to prove it in a few seconds thanks to a simple game that combines observation and optical illusion. You can’t get much simpler than this little game: find a hidden number among many others, all identical. Here, it’s about finding the “27” hidden among a sea of ​​”72s”.

Be careful, the game would not be a good challenge without a time limit to respect: to succeed in this challenge, you only have 20 seconds to find this famous number “27” present in the image. You know everything to try your luck. Ready ? Here we go, here is the image to observe carefully.

You found ? If not, here are some little clues. The first trap obviously lies in the background applied to the image. The neon blue background is designed precisely to disrupt your vision and your ability to distinguish details and maintain your attention. Do you need a little tip to help you? Start with a quick overview of the image and then focus on one part of the image. Sift it through before moving on to another part. Always not ? So look at the top of the image instead. Don’t panic otherwise, we give you the solution at the bottom of this article.

Know that these little visual tests are good for stimulating your brain and your cognitive abilities: they stimulate the ability to observe, the sense of detail, attention but also a certain memory… Come on, let’s move on to the solution to find in the image below. The solution has been circled in red to help you distinguish it at a glance this time.

There was indeed a little “27” hidden in all these “72” numbers! The repetition of the same pattern, here a number, is a classic exercise in optical illusion. Don’t hesitate to share your score and comments or challenge your friends on our Facebook page by clicking directly on the little button below!