Love visual challenges? This squares test is for you!

Sometimes seemingly simple tasks turn out to be the most complicated. While this can be a frustrating fact of life in general, it makes for some fun puzzles! Take this riddle that seems like child’s play and yet challenges you to do something that seems ridiculously easy: count squares. It may seem much simpler than those tricky math riddles and logic puzzles, but beware of appearances: it will definitely make you think more┬áthan you expected!

Like many games and visual challenges, this puzzle allows you to test your cognitive skills and visual perception. More than a mathematical challenge, this one tests your logic and exercises your brain in a fun way, to test your abilities to solve a seemingly simple problem. There are thousands of examples of games of this type on the Internet, but also on Linternaute, in this article on an optical illusion for example.

This little game that we have put together challenges you to correctly identify the number of squares in this grid. In case your memory of middle school geometry is a little fuzzy, a square is a shape with four sides of equal length. So a four-sided shape with sides of different lengths doesn’t count.

This seems easy enough at first, but remember that you need to account for overlapping squares, squares within other squares, large squares, and small squares. It’s harder than you think (just like that viral duck riddle). If word search is more your thing, see how you do with these rebus puzzles and math puzzles.

How many squares do you see in this image? Are you ready for the answer and above all, are you sure of yours? Be careful, there is a lot more than what you can see at first glance. In fact, you must not forget any, otherwise you will get the wrong answer. SO ? Here is the solution to this square puzzle:

In total, there are 40 squares hiding in this same image. Didn’t find that many? Take a closer look and count again. Remember that although the large square has 16 medium-sized squares, you can form squares with combinations of four and nine medium-sized squares.