What percentage of people in each country shower every day? To answer this question, an infographic has synthesized figures from Wikipedia. Let’s see who are the best… and the worst.

One of the big competitions that puts Europe under pressure is Eurovision. EU member countries compete once a year to win this famous festival that seeks the best song. However, there are other rankings which exacerbate competitiveness between Europeans.

In that vein, in recent days a report on the percentage of people who shower daily in each country in Europe has caused a stir. This graph was built with figures from Wikipedia. His findings undoubtedly surprised many. Or maybe not that much.

According to the infographic, the leading country, with more than 95% of the population showering daily, is Italy. The transalpine country is undoubtedly the cleanest on the continent. Then we find Portugal. The Portuguese can boast of having between 85 and 94% of the population who shower every day. And finally, in third place, closing the podium: Spain. Our southern neighbor shares this position with Greece. These two countries have a percentage of people who shower daily between 75 and 84%.

What about France? It is far from being at the top of the ranking. Because after the three countries of southern Europe which take the first places, we find Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria and Romania which show between 65 and 74%. Still no France… It’s starting to smell bad as they say!

Behind them, all the others: France, Germany, Norway or Russia, among others, do not reach more than 65%. Why do we shower so infrequently? Countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal generally have a warmer climate than France, especially in summer. This could encourage people in these countries to shower more frequently. On the other hand, cleanliness habits can vary greatly from country to country depending on traditions and cultural norms. It is possible that in some countries it is more common to shower daily, while in others showering every other day may be the norm.

In any case, we are not on the podium. But it’s up to us to move our country forward by showering more often. Hoping that, unlike Eurovision, we are not doomed to remain the least clean in Europe for decades!