GOOD FRAGRANCE DEAL. As Father’s Day approaches, some retailers are already starting to sell off the prices of several perfumes and toilet waters. A good opportunity to prepare his gift!

It’s almost fathers’ day ! With the approach of this celebration which will be held on June 20, the major specialized retailers are beginning to position themselves. There are already several references of perfumes and toilet waters that will make an ideal gift for your dad!

Among the different perfumes that can be found at low prices, there are in particular several major brands such as Mauboussin with its woody-scented water

Mauboussin also offers the “private club” perfume for men. The latter has notes of bouquet of cold spices and iced pepper with a slight imprint of cinnamon and bergamot.

If you have a larger budget, the Versace brand offers you its own perfume “Oud noir” for men. The latter has a slight smell of oriental spices with pronounced leather notes.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have a very big budget, but still want to give your dad a gift, there are always options. Emanuel Ungaro’s “III” perfume is still available at around twenty euros. It will be perfect for a man of character with its notes of pepper, lemon and geranium.

Several toilet waters are also available if you want to make a nice gift. In particular, there are some big names such as Rochas water available at low prices.

The Versace brand also offers an eau de toilette called “The dreamer” for the male public. This eau has notes of clove, tobacco flower, rose and geranium.

For a tighter budget, we find in particular the classic Scorpio or Brut toilet waters. These timeless products continue to satisfy a large number of men with their spicy scents and their low price which makes them very accessible.

Many perfumes and eau de toilette are available throughout the year. These products are a safe bet when approaching celebratory periods such as Father’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday. It may also happen that certain references are available on promotion depending on the news.