GOOD DEAL BEER DISPENSER. Very popular on the sidelines of Euro 2020, beer dispensers are currently on promotion at CDiscount with attractive price reductions on several references.

Treat yourself during the various matches of Euro 2021 with a selection of beers and shooters. CDiscount is currently offering several limited-time offers on different references at lower prices until the launch of the competition!

Beertender, Koenig or Seb beer dispensers are ideal if you want a product that can easily serve your guests. Some of these fountains are equipped with a handle allowing them to be tilted in order to avoid any foam when you fill your glass. Several references are currently on promotion as part of the launch of the Euro football with a free barrel according to your tastes!

Do you already have a dispenser or just want a cheap beer keg? CDiscount offers several kegs of beer depending on the brand you prefer, some of which are on sale before the competition launches.

These promotions take place until Friday evening, June 11th. So don’t wait too long to take advantage of it and be delivered before the start of Euro 2020. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.