GOOD DEAL FUNKO POP. Regularly affected by promotions, the famous Funko Pop figurines are currently on sale at Fnac, which also offers a “2 figurines purchased, the 3rd free” offer!

Funko Pop are small figurines bearing the image of (very) many licenses. Whether you’re a fan of Marvel, Game of Thrones, or Metallica, you’re bound to find a Funko Pop figure that might interest you! Fnac is currently offering several promotions on these products with price reductions as part of the summer sales, and an offer “2 figurines purchased, the 3rd free”.

Several figurines are down in price on the Fnac website. There are notably references from Marvel, Dragon Ball Z or Game of Thrones. Other references are also available on the official Fnac website.

If some Funko Pop figurines are not in price cuts, another promotion is still valid on several references. Thus, for 2 figurines purchased, the 3rd is offered to you at Fnac (the cheapest of the 3 among a selection to be found directly on the official Fnac website). Several figurines are concerned by the offer:

This special offer does not appear to have end dates, but will still be limited to the stocks available on the site. This promotion is valid on products stamped “Offer Fnac: 1 Funko Pop offered” and available with withdrawal in 1 hour in a participating store, outside the Fnac marketplace.