The difference game is a great classic but it is still just as effective in testing our attention and observation skills. This one, under its fun guise, is tougher than it looks. Ready to take the challenge ?

The game of differences crosses the generations. Whether for children or adults, it gently stimulates our brain and maintains our observation and attention to detail skills. Not a holiday book for the little ones or a special edition of summer games does not overlook this fun little game. Here is a very particular one since it condenses not two but three apparently identical drawings.

This mischievous little cat, worthy of cartoons or comics, is reproduced in three copies but one is different from the other two. A, B or C… Where is the unique cat hiding, and what is its difference from the others? Sounds easy, right? Let’s complicate this game a bit by adding a time limit: 20 seconds. Tick, tock… It may pass quickly but that’s the essence of this game of differences. You are ready ? Here is the image in question:

A detail, a color, a shape, a pattern… Hard, hard to find the only difference that one of these three cats has with its two neighbours. And yet, once you’ve found it, you’ll only see that. Watch out, time is running out and there are only a few seconds left… Top! The allotted time of 20 seconds has passed and it is now time to look at the solution.

You found ? Congratulation ! Let’s check together if you got it right and found the little detail that makes all the difference between these three little cats. Here is the image with the solution:

Yes, it was not the color of the coat, the eyes or the nose, the shape of the ears or the paws but the small eyebrows of the cat. The third, Cat C on the right, just doesn’t have one! Did you find it? Congratulation. Otherwise, you can try your luck again on another little game of observation or optical illusion. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to challenge your friends via the little red share button below.