A Norwegian tourist took in your Philippines vacation a puppy from the street to his home and nursed him. Well, she died.

promote your love of Animals at a cost of a young Norwegian seems to be the life. Birgitte K. saved in your vacation in the Philippines, a puppy from the street, the infected, however, a little later, with rabies, according to the news Agency AFP reported. Meanwhile, the 24-Year-old died.

the Philippines-a tourist, dies in her native Norway

As the family in a press release to various Norwegian media, including aftenposten.de reported, Birgitte died on Monday. She had discovered during a holiday in February in the Philippines, a weakened dog puppies on the roadside and took him. In your accommodation you will have nursed him and also the rest of the fellow travelers had played with the animal.

Where the puppy had been “trying to bite you, as puppies do at times,” – said in the statement. To arrived home in Norway, had felt the 24-Year-old sick. A little later Birgitte died in a hospital in Kiel, in which you apparently worked well.

Norwegian tourist dies after dog bite in a rabies – parents send a reminder to Vaccinate

Neither Birgitte K. their fellow travelers had been vaccinated, according to the family against rabies, so dieAFP. The companion will now be observed clearly. Meanwhile, the relatives of the deceased to make an appeal in the Norwegian media. The rabies vaccination is not on the Impfliste, travelers to the Philippines is recommended. This must change. “We are afraid that there are others who have a similar warm heart could fare you, similar to”, – quotes AFP the Letter.

According to the news Agency it was the first known rabies disease in Norway for more than 100 years. According to the world health organization, however, would die every year nearly 60,000 people to the disease. Most of the deaths there is, therefore, in Asia, Africa and South America.

Norway: a 24-Year-old dies of rabies – compassion in the case of many Instagram users

images of Birgitte K. on Instagram the User, during which your deepest sympathy. “I never would have thought that the disease would quickly lead to the death. Rest in peace”, “My condolences” or “I’m so sorry that you had to happen.” However, a user also makes clear that it “should handle in such countries to” animals, whether we are vaccinated or not.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

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