In this floral atmosphere in black and white, hides a small animal. Be careful, you only have 5 seconds to flush him out!

A small animal has escaped and won this amazing black and white floral decor. Can you spot it? The task looks pretty simple, right? But what if we add a challenge: find it in just 5 seconds! This is the subject of this challenge which has circulated on the web and which has thwarted the predictions of many Internet users. You are ready ? Here is the picture. Watch out, start the timer!

So have you find it ? These little games combining optical illusion and observation challenge are very good exercises for concentration and attention. They require method and calm because the reduced time seriously complicates the task, especially in this black and white decor composed of similar shapes which can disturb both your brain and your sense of observation.

Now is the time to see the solution. To help you, the small animal has been circled in yellow in the image to help you spot it. Ready ? Here is the answer !

Yes, it was there and it was a small lizard whose shape could be confused with that of the leaves and flowers of this black and white decor. Did you find it? Congratulation ! Otherwise, you can try your luck again in a similar game and challenge your friends by clicking on the red button below. Feel free to comment on your performance on our Facebook page.