A safe haven without tourists, where you can eat fish, drink and sleep for 15€ a day. A destination that will seduce you at first sight!

If you’re dreaming of a Mykonos-style vacation, with dips in the pool to the beat of the latest hits and ice-cold cocktails, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place. The magnificent old Trikeri is reserved for a select few. Very little indeed. This is a hauntingly beautiful raw islet in southern Pelion, Greece, where time seems to stand still. A Five-Star Budget Vacation!

You will understand it as soon as you decide to visit it. Pack your bathing suit, a few everyday clothes, your other half and a good book. That’s really all you’ll need. It can only be reached by water taxi! You will not encounter a single car on the island. It’s completely unnecessary because you can cross the island from one end to the other in three hours of walking. The beaches are few, but they will fully satisfy you. The locals call them Afetka, Agia Sofia and Prasini Ammos, all close to each other. Wild, with turquoise waters and of a cleanliness that you will find hard to believe, they will make you never want to leave them.

When you arrive, you will find only a handful of permanent inhabitants who make a living from their businesses on the island: their traditional taverns, rental accommodations and cafes. If you’ve never had a Greek coffee with such a view, you can’t imagine what you’re missing. The best thing to do is to let the waiters fill your table with the daily delicacies. They always know what deserves to be on our plate.

Where to stay in Trikeri? Would you be ready to say “yes” to a stay at the Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria, located at the top of the island’s hill? It is a magnificent church which began to be built by pirates in 1825, after the discovery of the famous icon of the Panagia at the foot of a tree. It was completed in 1837. There, 5,000 “leftist” women who were exiled due to their political beliefs during the Civil War lived there.

As strange as it may seem, those who choose to stay in one of the 100 cells of the Holy Monastery, enjoying the enchanting view, the seclusion, the fresh breakfast in the paved courtyard and the absolute tranquility, recommend it. without hesitation. And the best? A very cheap holiday… A couple can stay here for less than 15 euros per day.