This destination offers a dream break in spring, especially as the prices are particularly attractive.

In the heart of the Mediterranean, a destination is emerging, rivaling the aura and prestige of Saint-Tropez, but without bearing the exorbitant price, particularly in summer. This gem, nestled in the eastern Mediterranean, is emerging as the perfect alternative to the French Riviera for those looking to savor la dolce vita without emptying their wallet.

With temperatures reaching 20 degrees Celsius from March and very little rain from April, it turns out to be a sunny and affordable destination that has nothing to envy of the glamor of Saint-Tropez. Visitors will find stunning views and a variety of activities, making it the ideal retreat for those seeking turquoise seas, sandy beaches and a touch of luxury at a bargain price.

This destination is Bodrum. Its peninsula is crowned with a picturesque coastline, adorned with resorts offering direct access to the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea that have made this booming Turkish resort so charming. Its walk in the modern marina allows you to admire the boats of the prestigious Yacht Club. Unlike Saint-Tropez, where splendor can often translate into prohibitive costs, Bodrum allows you to taste excellence without compromising your budget. It is this winning combination that attracts an international crowd, seeking natural beauty, relaxation and authenticity.

Don’t get caught up in the tourist complexes that have sprung up in recent years, Bodrum retains all its charm, symbolized by the superb St. Peter’s Castle. From its ramparts accessible to visitors, it offers a superb view of the city and Bodrum Bay. The underwater archeology museum and the remains of the Halicarnassus mausoleum are also not to be missed, as is the spectacular ancient theater.

We will also savor the best of Mediterranean flavors with mezzés which will appeal to many palates for a modest price. Whether it’s relaxing on sun-drenched beaches, exploring turquoise waters on an inexpensive boat trip, or discovering Turkish hospitality through local restaurants and markets or its nearby historic sites, Bodrum has something to appeal to all visitors. This is perhaps why Bodrum is on the way to becoming the new Saint-Tropez of the Mediterranean…