Where to go on a city break in Europe or for a long weekend in the sun? Lisbon, Rome, London, Marrakech, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Venice… Discover our ideas and travel guides to escape for a weekend in the heart of the city of your choice.

The city break allows you to discover a new destination for a long weekend. In town or in a village, near the sea or a natural park, in Europe or elsewhere, the principle of the city break is to visit and discover new places without having to take too many days off. If you want to go on a city break for more than two days, you can take advantage of public holidays and any bridges to go on a long weekend. Does the city break tempt you? Find our ideas for unmissable, sunny or trendy destinations where you can go for a few days.

Very popular in recent years, the city break refers to a short stay, most often in a city. Often grafted onto a weekend, it usually lasts 2-5 days. By going on a city break one or more times a year, you can take a break from your daily routine and get away from it all by discovering a new destination just a few hours by plane or train from your departure city.

Between tempting offers from low-cost airlines, last-minute offers and promotions on transport and accommodation, it is difficult to resist the call of the city break. To leave cheap and manage your budget as well as possible, it is interesting to be interested in the price of plane tickets but also the cost of living once there. On the airline side, Ryanair offers the lowest fares in Europe with one-way tickets starting at 9 euros to Barcelona, ​​Milan, Dublin or Malta. Very attractive prices which obviously vary according to the period chosen and your departure airport. You can also look at the destinations and fares offered by Transavia, Vueling and EasyJet, other low cost companies. As for the cheapest destinations in Europe for a city break, it is the cities of Eastern European countries that are generally the most affordable. Vilnius, Belgrade, Warsaw, Riga, Prague, Bratislava… Count on average 200 euros for two days on site for a couple, hotel, meals, transport and outings included.

Where to go on a city break in Europe? If your budget and your desires are obviously to be taken into account, some European destinations are simply unmissable and deserve a visit for a weekend. Combining cultural and historical richness, lively neighborhoods, good food and shopping addresses, these cities attract millions of travelers throughout the year looking to spend an exotic weekend without having to go to the other side of the world. In Europe, you can plan a city break in a capital or major tourist city: Berlin, Helsinki, Venice, Budapest, Copenhagen, Prague, Stockholm… Discover our selection of the best city break destinations in our travel guides below. in Europe.

If you want to go on a city break in the sun, choose southern Europe and the Mediterranean rim. So you can enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round without having to experience jet lag after a long-haul flight. Here are some ideas of sunny destinations where you can go on a city break: Morocco (Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira…), Tunisia (Tunis, Djerba, Hammamet…), Spain, Portugal, the south of Italy, the Cyclades islands or even Sicily.

A city break can also be an opportunity to fly to a trendy destination where you haven’t had the opportunity to pack your bags yet. For a weekend of two to five days, you can in particular set off to discover the islands and the sublime natural sites of Malta, the cities and archaeological sites of Turkey or even the natural parks and typical villages of the Puglia region in Italy.

If you are planning a 4 or 5 day weekend and you are not against spending a few more hours on the plane, you can also go on a city break in New York! The Level company notably offers tickets from 129 euros one way from Orly airport.