Barcelona is an unmissable spot to enjoy the sun and the sea in an unparalleled atmosphere. Here are two beach spots that “real” Barcelonans jealously keep secret.

Barcelona is a safe bet for a city break or a vacation in the sun. The great Catalan city offers a perfect mix for relaxing and enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere. Historic neighborhoods, tapas bars, almost guaranteed sun, coolness (or not) on the Monjuic hill… The cocktail is effective.

Problem, it is as well known as the mojito. How to avoid the wave of tourists, especially around the famous Barceloneta beach, assailed by tourists as soon as the first rays of sunshine come? A local specialist was kind enough to give us her best spots (you can find them all here), starting with more confidential beaches!

Our expert chose two, both easily accessible, even without a car. The first is that of El Prat de Llobregat (photo above), near the airport of the same name and the football stadium of Espanyol Barcelona, ​​the city’s second club which lives in the shadow of the great Barça. This almost virgin beach is easily accessible on foot, by bike via a wide cycle path or by bus via the PR3 line. It has the advantage of being located in a protected area, that of the Delta del Llobregat, and its existence is jealously kept secret by the people of Barcelona. And for good reason, its huts, its fine sand and its beautiful size are all postcard-perfect while guaranteeing a haven of tranquility, far from the overcrowded atmosphere of the famous but crowded Ramblas.

The second spot is Badalona (photo above), a small tourist town near Barcelona which offers several beaches. Don’t panic, these are easily accessible by metro from Barcelona city center. To do this, simply take the L2 line and stop at the Badalona-Pompeu Fabra station. If the spot overlooking the pontoon (ex-Pont del Petroli) is a very Instagrammable and widely shared place, the beach located in front of the station offers a beautiful view of Barcelona and guarantees you a much more local atmosphere than in Barceloneta.