How are the classes divided and what are the menus like in the world’s longest flight? Nearly 19 hours to go from the American continent to Asia.

Every year, airlines push the boundaries to connect cities around the world. Currently, the longest flight is operated by Singapore Airlines. This 19-hour journey from New York to Singapore is a true feat of ultra-long-haul travel.

To find out what it really was, journalist Ramsey Qubein recently took this direct link between New York and Singapore. On board the Airbus A350-900ULR specially designed by Singapore Airlines for very long distances, he was installed in business class, which occupies the majority of the aircraft. The premium economy class is in the last third of the aircraft, the company has chosen not to offer traditional economy class on such a long journey.

Once on board, he discovered one of the widest seats in business class. The accessory set and sinks offer thoughtful products, such as an anti-crease spray for clothes (invaluable after a long flight). The hostesses, dressed in sarong kebayas designed by Pierre Balmain, introduce themselves while offering nearly 1,000 entertainment options. The crew addresses each passenger by their last name and, at the end of the flight, they greet each passenger individually.

After takeoff, it was time for drinks and a movie. Meals were served with great care and included starters and main courses from the menu developed in partnership with Golden Door Spa. Unlike most airlines, the second meal is served mid-flight rather than before landing. Luckily, that leaves plenty of rest: On that 19-hour flight, Qubein slept 11 hours.

What he would have liked to know before departure

Singapore Airlines offers two flights a day from New York (JFK and Newark). The flight from JFK departs in the evening, which means you can eat and then sleep for a few hours after takeoff. On the other hand, from Newark, the flight departs in the morning, which reverses the rhythm.

His advices? Ask for the exact meal schedule before takeoff to make your own sleep and meal plan. Don’t forget either the “Book the Cook” service which allows you to order your favorite dish before departure.

For those in premium economy class, it is advisable to choose one of the solo seats near the windows at the rear of the aircraft for extra space.

Some travelers may prefer a stopover, but Singapore Airlines tickets are very popular. On the world’s longest flight, many travelers might be willing to spend more for better rest and more time at destination. After all, that’s the whole point of non-stop ultra-long-haul flight.