According to certain beliefs, the new Moon could have effects on our lives and our behaviors. Let’s take stock of the astrological signs that would feel this lunar phase most intensely.

The new Moon took place this Monday, November 13th at 10:27 a.m. in Scorpio. You may be able to see it this Monday evening in the starry sky, subject to clear weather. According to astrologer Chelsea Jackson of Elite Daily, this astronomical event, which also excites astrology fans, “will arouse intense emotions.”

For astrology fans, note that she adds that this new Moon will be “ruled by Mars which is currently in its home sign, Scorpio.” For the astrologer, these parameters indicate that this period will see the birth of a desire to demonstrate “determination, resilience and self-control”.

This new Moon will perhaps allow those who are sensitive to the beliefs of astrology to invest 100% in a specific project. In Femme Actuelle magazine, astrologer Joyce Duval invites you to explore your “deeper self”. According to her, this period constitutes an opportunity to “examine yourself, understand yourself, take stock and resolve your small personal problems”. This period will be dedicated to it and your other projects can wait a little.

Scorpio at the heart of this New Moon

With the New Moon taking place in Scorpio, it will sit at the center of this turning point. This could mark the beginning of a “new chapter for your personal identity” reports Chelsea Jackson. Focus on your solo project even if it means not sharing it right away with those around you. Interpret this moment as a period of personal development that you can share with others when the time is right.

Other signs should feel this new Moon

Virgo will be particularly sensitive to this studious lunar phase. During this period, you will focus on a very specific area of ​​study or field of skills that you wish to deepen. It will be wise to keep your findings to yourself at first before discussing them with others.

For Leos, this new Moon will be a time when it will be good to retreat into your inner world. You will undoubtedly feel the need to pursue a personal objective linked to a desire for security within your home. Chelsea Jackson advises taking advantage of this time when you’re not feeling particularly sociable to “focus on your affairs related to your ancestry or your living environment.”

Finally, the sign of Aries could also strongly feel the effects of this lunar phase since it should open a new period in the financial field. The latter could take the form of an interesting opportunity which will undoubtedly push you to carefully select the investments you wish to make. The Elite Daily astrologer is however reassuring since she assures that these choices should “prove profitable in the long term”.