There is a valley in France where colossal statues are erected, worthy of Easter Island.

Entering a green hill in the heart of the Breton countryside, gigantic statues are revealed in the open air, monumental and mysterious. Like a feeling of suddenly finding yourself on the other side of the earth, on Easter Island. Reaching between 4 and 7 meters in height, these sculptures, almost two hundred of them, do not represent enigmatic Moai statues here, but the Saints of Brittany.

Nestled in a small village, in Carnoët in Côtes-d’Armor, La Vallée des Saints brings together these inspiring and captivating sculptures. Saint-Malo, Saint-Samson, Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Tugdual, Sainte-Pol-Aurélien, Saint Corentin and Saint Partern were the first seven “menhir statues” erected on the site in 2009, portraits of the first evangelists of the Armorica. Since then, 15 new giants have been sculpted each year from a 25-ton block of raw Breton granite. Hermits, princes, abbots, monks… Each statue, in a different style, tells a legend or a story. Among the most imposing, the statues of Saint Conan and Saint Azenor, one in blue granite from Lanhélin and the other in pink granite from La Clarté, welcome visitors upon entering the site.

This unique natural site of 8 hectares is freely accessible every day of the year and 24 hours a day. It is located south of Guingamp and close to Carhaix, it is accessed by the D787. This crazy project aims to become the unique showcase of Breton granite, bringing together nearly 1,000 statues by 2080. Ultimately, this pharaonic project will constitute a global information and documentation center on the Breton High Middle Ages, offering musical, theatrical entertainment and historical reconstructions. There is no doubt that this mystical site, like a large open-air history book, will attract heritage buffs around the world.

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