STROMAE. After several cancellations, the singer Stromae announces the total cessation of his “Multitude” tour for health reasons.

[Updated on May 09, 2023 at 4:16 p.m.] Fears confirmed: Stromae announces the total cessation of its tour. “A few months ago, I felt a deterioration in my state of health which led me to give up a few first dates in France and then in Europe. Surrounded by my doctors, my family, my friends and my team, I I was hoping to be able to get up quickly to get back on the road and find you as soon as possible”, begins the Belgian singer in this press release.

And to announce the news that all his fans feared: “Unfortunately, today I have to accept that this time of rest and remission will be longer than I imagined. It is therefore with great regret that I do not will not be able to honor my promise and that I am announcing the end of the Multitude Tour today. This decision is difficult but necessary in order to be able to get better.”

In recent weeks, Stromae had already announced the cancellation of several concerts, until the end of May 2023. Spectators who have purchased a ticket for the artist’s Multitude tour can claim a refund from their point of sale. .

If the reasons pushing Stromae to cancel the entire rest of his tour have not been detailed, the health of the Belgian singer had already pushed him to withdraw from the media scene for several years.

The 38-year-old Belgian singer, on tour after the release of his album “Multitudes” a year ago, will be absent at least until the end of May. While Stromae’s health issues, including depression, have been widely commented on in recent years and he has been very transparent about it, no one knows at this stage the evil that prevents the star from performing.

Stromae will have upset even his team behind the scenes by announcing his withdrawal. Thursday April 6 in Le Parisien, one of his team members tried to say a little more on condition of anonymity, without really giving an explanation. “We didn’t see it coming,” he said, indicating that no warning signs were seen before the announcement. The artist was visibly in perfect shape since the start of his tour. In Bordeaux, where Stromae performed recently, a hall manager said he observed the singer in good health. “He stayed with us for a week in residence to prepare for the resumption of his concerts. If there had been the slightest problem, I would have known about it. And his two concerts were great”, indicates David Moison, the director of the Arkea Arena, which reports “great energy, not a failure or an incident” in Le Parisien.

As if to accredit the speculations, the newspaper also gives the floor to a psychotherapist. According to Catherine Aimelet-Perisso, there seems to be no doubt that burnout is at the heart of the problem. If Stromae has come to this, it is “because the artist first saw nothing or wanted to see nothing”. “It’s the famous phrase: No, but it’s fine! There were probably signs, warning symptoms, like fatigue, but he didn’t want to see them. Only the burnout is a call from the body and it was he who sounded the alarm”, she analyzes…

If she admits not knowing her “specific case”, the specialist nevertheless pours out on “depression”, linked to “an injury, pain, which can reopen in certain circumstances”, especially when “we spend a energy beyond reason”. Stromae can come back according to her, if he finds a “new way to invest in his tour”, but without guarantee of escaping relapses.

The first cancellations, from the end of March 2023, were announced by his producer for the concerts in Strasbourg and Amnéville on March 22, 23 and 24, for “medical reasons”. Then Auguri Productions canceled new dates at the Zénith de Nantes, from March 29 to 31, considering that “Stromae’s state of health does not allow him to perform the 3 concerts planned for this week”.

The Belgian will also not be able to perform in Amsterdam, Toulouse, Basel, Geneva, London, Cologne, Berlin, Rome or Lyon, as was originally planned until the end of May. The concerts are purely and simply canceled and are not postponed. A ticket refund procedure will be put in place.

For the time being, no official information on the state of health of Stromae has been communicated by its teams. For his part, the singer said he had to “take the time to [s] recover”, without specifying the nature of his problems.

Stromae has had to put his career on hold in the past due to health issues. In 2013, he disappeared from radar screens, while on the “Racine Carré” tour. After being the victim of psychic decompensation caused by a reaction to an antimalarial treatment, Stromae suffered from psychic problems, comparable to a burn-out or an episode of depression, preventing him from going back on stage. After seven years of absence, he had made a thunderous return to the front of the stage in 2022, confiding in particular on his mental health problems.