Ingrid Guimarães Advocates for Normalizing Sexuality and Fighting Ageism

In 2010, Ingrid Guimarães starred in the movie “De pernas pro ar” (she plays Alice, who reinvents herself by becoming a partner in a sex shop), where vibrators were still considered taboo. Reflecting on the past, Ingrid recalls how she used to sell them discreetly from a suitcase in the first film. She mentions that it was so secretive that it seemed like they were gathering to sell drugs, and her husband had to leave for them to feel comfortable. By the second movie in 2012, erotic toys started being sold in lingerie stores. Ingrid credits “Sex and the City” for breaking the ice with its rabbit vibrator, although it was still kept under wraps. The third and final installment of the trilogy in 2019 showcased a society in transformation, where vibrators are now a common topic of discussion. Ingrid, a witness and advocate for the growth of the sex toy market in Brazil, mentions how she has become somewhat of an expert in the field. In collaboration with A Sós (a Brazilian sex toy company), she has recently launched her own vibrator, the Magic Rabbit, with the goal of further normalizing the discussion around sexuality.

During a video call interview, the actress discussed female pleasure, her relationship with her 14-year-old daughter, and her fight against ageism. Here are some key excerpts:

Developing her own vibrator was driven by the desire to reach a wider audience. Ingrid aimed for a non-phallic, affordable design that could be easily carried around. The Magic Rabbit, priced at R$ 399, offers a rabbit with a clitoral stimulator with seven vibrations, a stimulating tongue, and vibrating ears.

When it comes to discussing the topic with her daughter, Clara, Ingrid is open but acknowledges her daughter’s embarrassment due to her young age. However, she believes that the younger generation will eventually appreciate the openness and acceptance of sexuality. Ingrid also mentions the outdated notion of male chauvinism and the importance of normalizing sexuality and intimacy in long-term relationships.

In addition to advocating for sexual liberation, Ingrid is also a vocal opponent of ageism. She uses social media to challenge the idea that life ends at 50 and emphasizes the importance of older women embracing their sexuality and bodies. Her upcoming film project with Mônica Martelli will explore themes of restarting life in middle age and will also touch on the experiences of teenage girls, reflecting the actresses’ own daughters’ ages.

Ingrid also shared her experience attending the Cannes Film Festival for the first time, expressing her excitement at walking the red carpet and witnessing outstanding films. She highlighted the need for more female representation in the film industry, urging brands to support female directors, producers, and screenwriters alongside influencers in the industry.