Nicolas Cage’s latest movie, Longlegs, has been generating a lot of buzz even before its release. The film, directed by Oz Perkins, features Cage as the titular serial killer, and the hype surrounding his performance has been building up anticipation among horror fans.

The premise of Longlegs follows FBI Agent Lee Harker, played by Maika Monroe, as she delves into an unsolved serial killer case with occult ties. As she uncovers more about the mysterious murderer, named Longlegs, she realizes that her own life might be at risk.

Maika Monroe, known for her roles in It Follows and The Guest, has spoken about her excitement for this project and the twists in the script that drew her in. Cage, on the other hand, underwent a physical transformation to embody the chilling character of Longlegs, with a look and voice inspired by his own mother.

Director Oz Perkins, son of legendary actor Anthony Perkins, brings his unique vision to Longlegs, adding to the film’s appeal. The marketing campaign for the movie, led by distributor Neon, has also contributed to the excitement, with cryptic teasers and trailers keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Critics who have seen Longlegs have praised Cage’s performance and the overall atmosphere of the film, with some claiming that it lingered in their minds long after the credits rolled. The movie’s positive reviews and the skillful marketing have only added to the anticipation leading up to its release on July 12.

As horror fans gear up to experience the terror of Longlegs on the big screen, the question remains: Will this movie live up to the hype and become the scariest film of the year? With a talented cast, a visionary director, and a chilling premise, Longlegs is poised to deliver a thrilling and unforgettable cinematic experience that horror enthusiasts won’t want to miss.