KAARIS. Rapper Kaaris is summoned to the criminal court in 2023 for violence against a spouse, after a complaint filed by his ex-girlfriend.

[Updated on November 09, 2022 at 4:19 p.m.] “Kaaris is serene”, assure AFP the rapper’s lawyers, Mes Yassine Maharsi and Yassine Yakouti. The Sevran rapper was taken into police custody on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, a source close to the investigation told AFP, confirming information from the Parisian. For the second time in two months, Kaaris was heard in the context of an investigation following a complaint of violence filed by his ex-companion, Linda P.. The latter was also placed in custody at the police station of Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, for home invasion and degradation.

For this case, Kaaris was summoned to the criminal court of Evry, in Essonne, on November 10, 2023 for violence against a spouse with an ITT of more than eight days in legal recidivism, said the prosecution, requested by AFP. “Kaaris is calm,” assured AFP his lawyers, Mes Yassine Maharsi and Yassine Yakouti. “His accuser was taken into custody, which is not trivial.”

This new police custody comes against the backdrop of a stormy divorce for the couple. Kaaris had already been heard in this case last September. Last July, his ex-girlfriend, presented as “Linda P.”, filed a complaint for violence. An investigation had been opened by the Évry-Courcouronnes prosecutor’s office for the alleged acts of voluntary violence against the rapper and failure to assist anyone in danger against his new companion, Marion P., also implicated by the rapper’s ex. of Sevran.

The Kaaris case began in the middle of summer. On July 15, AFP revealed that a preliminary investigation had been opened by the Evry prosecutor’s office for “aggravated willful violence”, following the complaint of the rapper’s companion from Sevran. The facts date back to January 19, 2021. The investigation would also cover alleged acts of non-assistance to a person in danger against the new friend Kaaris, accused by the complainant of not having intervened when she was present that day. .

Kaaris for his part filed a complaint against his former girlfriend for slanderous denunciation. He was to be confronted with the complainant this Wednesday, September 28 in the afternoon, according to AFP.

When the complaint from Kaaris’ companion was filed on July 7, 2022, the couple, who have a little girl in common, had been separated for several months. In her story to the police, consulted by Le Parisien, Kaaris’ ex-girlfriend would have returned to the couple’s situation between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Describing a man who suddenly became “fleeing”, Linda P. explains having tried at the time to reconnect with Kaaris and having realized when he had settled in a new residence in Linas, in Essonne.

When she got there, Linda P. allegedly caught the rapper “in bed” with another woman. After attacking the car of this new companion, the complainant recounts having been beaten in the garage of Kaaris, whom she accuses of violence: kicks and punches in particular. The new friend of Kaaris, who would have attended the scene, would not have tried to intervene to separate the former spouses, still according to the complaint. The filing, which AFP was also able to consult, specifies that Linda P. needed “crutches and a support boot for two weeks”.

Aged 42 today, Kaaris, known as the “rapper from Sevran”, became known with the release of his album “Or Noir” in 2013. Representative of “trap” in France, he has also several times made headlines in recent years for his rivalry with another rapper, Booba. The latter did not fail to react to this police custody, posting on Twitter at midday on September 28 a message as accusatory as it was impossible to authenticate and verify.

In this pithy message, Booba writes that “Everything was indeed real!!!” above an audio of a few seconds, illustrated by a written statement, presumably taken from the words of Linda P. “Here is the audio of the moment he realizes that I am recording… the detail of the blows is specified in the medical findings that I made and after in the emergency room. I will not detail there is an instruction (sic)”, can we read.

The 25 seconds of the recording are of poor quality. We first hear an angry woman let go “you’re a family man and you can pinch yourself with a whore”. Then this one seems to confirm to a man that she “records since a while ago”. A very confusing brief sequence follows, with hard-to-identify banging noises amid female screams and a man repeating “you’re crazy”.

If he does not comment more on his message, Booba seems to want here to bring a charge against Kaaris. Except that he makes it available to the public rather than to justice.

Faced with these accusations, Kaaris for his part denied the facts. The rapper’s lawyers, Mes Yassine Maharsi and Yassine Yakouti, assured AFP this summer that their client was “appeased and serene” in the face of “imaginary and opportunistic accusations which could be swept away by a reverse investigation”. “It’s the story of a jealous woman who needs to exist,” they added.

Master Maharsi confirmed for his part to the Mouv ‘that a “complaint for slanderous denunciation (was) in the process of being drafted”. And to tackle: “My client is undergoing an ignoble media vendetta. Justice will, without a doubt, know how to restore the truth”. According to him, Kaaris “refute any accusation of violence and demonstrated to justice the dishonesty of his ex-partner… Whose only objective is money”.