This Fourth of July, Joey Chestnut, the 16-time champion of Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest, will not be competing due to his ban. The ban stemmed from his endorsement of Impossible Foods, a vegan company that Nathan’s and Major League Eating deemed a competitor. Despite this setback, Joey Chestnut will not be deterred from competing, as he has secured a spot in a new contest.

In response to the ban, Chestnut expressed his disappointment in an Instagram post, emphasizing his love for the event and his fans. He clarified that he did not have a contract with Major League Eating or Nathan’s, and the ban was based on their changing rules regarding his partnerships with other brands. While he acknowledged the decision made by Nathan’s and Major League Eating, he assured his fans that they would see him compete again soon.

Fans of Joey Chestnut will be pleased to know that he has accepted an invitation to participate in the Fourth of July event at Fort Bliss in El Paso. The event, known as “Pop Goes the Fort Independence Day” celebration, will see Chestnut take on soldiers in a hot dog eating contest. Chestnut eagerly accepted the invitation, expressing his honor to celebrate America’s birthday with the U.S. Army soldiers and their families. Fort Bliss eagerly confirmed the deal, looking forward to the competition.

This new competition will provide an exciting opportunity for fans to see Joey Chestnut in action once again. Known for his impressive performances, such as eating 62 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes at last year’s Nathan’s event, Chestnut’s participation in the Texas competition is highly anticipated. As he gears up to face off against soldiers from Fort Bliss, spectators can expect a thrilling display of competitive eating skills.

While Joey Chestnut may not be part of the traditional Nathan’s Fourth of July contest this year, his presence at the Fort Bliss event promises to deliver an entertaining and memorable experience for all involved. As he continues to showcase his eating prowess and competitive spirit, fans can look forward to witnessing another remarkable performance from the renowned hot dog-eating champion. Stay tuned for more updates on Joey Chestnut’s upcoming Fourth of July competition at Fort Bliss in El Paso!