On YouTube, a song in honor of the French XV stands out at the start of the Rugby World Cup: “Objectif Champions”, by Clayvin.

“We’ll go and make out with Antoine Dupont!” With such a refrain, the objective was announced: support the XV of France… and become the French anthem of this Rugby World Cup? Published on August 31, a week before the start of this world championship, the clip for the song Objectif Champions, by Clayvin, already has more than 76,000 views. “At home no one can do it to us, here we are the bosses, we will win no matter how, all we want is to be champions!”, sings Vincent Boubel, known as Clayvin, author and performer of this title.

Between a transformation under the Arc de Triomphe, a fiesta in the locker rooms or at the rugby clubhouse or a sign “Isabelle [Ithurburu editor’s note.] we love you”, the young rapper has visibly emphasized the values ​​of the oval, good humor and celebration. All against the backdrop of a declaration of love to the players of the French XV and to Isabelle Ithurburu, recently recruited by TF1 for this Rugby World Cup.

“The idea came three weeks before the World Cup, we wanted to bring out the party and passion side and we put all our ambitions on this sport,” says Clayvin in the columns of Le Parisien. If he explains that he is a fervent supporter of the French team in all sports, this time, he is banking on Antoine Dupont’s team, to whom, therefore, “we will go and prank” in the event of victory…